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  1. Utenlandske medier gir inntrykk av at Nordmenn sang Barn av regnbuen for å «irritere» Breivik. Det var vel ikke derfor,jeg tror de har misforstått? Jeg trodde det var for å vise at han ikke skulle få stjele fra oss den vakre sangen som har fulgt oss siden tidlig på sytti-tallet…..irritere? Det er nok noen utenlandske tolkere «that just don`t get it» etter hva jeg kan forstå….enda jeg har bodd utenlands flere omganger så jeg burde vite hva det er å ikke heelt forstå et folk …………

  2. As someone who admires everything Pete Seeger has done and stands for, when I listened to 40,000 Norwegians singing Rainbow Race, I again have hope for humankind of all races and cultures. Great watch the video!
    Thank you!

  3. I saw the protest against Breivic on the Dutch news….both the thought and execution, in the form of this song, I found beautiful. Thank you.

  4. I saw your protest on the news. I was very moved by it. 40.000 people on the streets just to let on man know that he will NOT succeed in his voyage against people who give and care about each other. I wish you and the people of Norway all the best. With regards from Holland, a world citizen who stands beside you!

  5. Jag vill beställa barnskivan som mördaren brevik hatar den är ju så fin!
    Var kan jag beställa skivan någonstans`??????

  6. Here’s a rose (symbolically) and a note from America, wishing all Norwegians peace and love as you sing and recover from last summer’s atrocity. The perpetrator who shall remain nameless was wrong about what «Barn av regnbuen» meant originally–but now your country has enriched its meaning for all humanity. I’m sure Pete Seeger is proud of Lillebjorn, and of all Norway.

    1. We are not used to other than peaceful life here where we could leave the door open, both house and carwise. Maybe a kind of peacefulness like in remote parts of Canada……bang.No more. Hate this change where we cant feel safe anymore…neither over terrorism or burglary and rapistme. Take us back to the safe relaxed days of the eighties……. Dear God All Mighty. Well,the Hopi-indians warned us all on earth of the bad stuff to come……my cousin stayed with Hopi indians for a while of his life-they burried him hopi-traditionally when he died, to pay respects to his respectfulnes their way. Manitou!!

  7. Hei jeg synes at han som har skrevet «barn av regnbuen», kan få en DVD av folkehavet på Youngstorvet.

  8. Unfortunately I am not in Oslo else I would have joined them. Are you going there? Well I look forward to seeing you on Swedish Television (SVT).

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