Lillebjørns venn Andy Irvine synger om Oslo!
Ny CD Abocurragh

Andy Irvine Abocourragh CD cover

«Album of the century!»
Well…my first solo album since 1999. Recorded in Dublin, Norway, Australia,
Hungary and Brittany between February 2009 and April 2010.
Thanks to all my friends who helped me record it.
Especially Dónal Lunny who worked so hard in the production of it,
let alone playing on every track bar one.
I hope it won’t be my last album of the century!!


Otherwise the roll-call of musicians speaks for itself. Giants of traditional music, folk, rock and beyond, each one a key player in the Andy Irvine back-history: Liam O’Flynn, Máirtín O’Connor, Annbjørg Lien, Lillebjørn Nilsen, Nikola Parov, Jacky Molard, Bruce Molsky, Rens van der Zalm, Rick Epping, Graham Henderson, Paul Moore, Liam Bradley, Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton.

-Irish Music Magazine- Les hele anmeldelsen her …

‘…one of Ireland’s most creative talents for over 20 years.’

-Boston Globe-

Andy is one of the most creative and talented people it has ever been my privilege to work with. Great company, superb singer, genius of a musician, truly original songwriter and an inspiration to all of us – what more could anyone ask?

-Dick Gaughan-

Andy Irvine is Woody Guthrie’s representative on earth.

-Hot Press-

Min gode venn Andy Irvine

og jeg har kjent hverandre siden vi møttes på ulike festivaler i Europa på 70-tallet og har spilt sammen ved flere anledninger. Her hjemme bl.a. på Telemark Festivalen Andy har en imponerende fartstid blant de ypperste artister innen den verden norske rock-skribenter kaller FOLK, og som jeg kaller folkemusikk. Andy har hentet inspirasjon også utenfor hjemlandet Irland. Og det er en kjent sak at nettopp Andys tidlige sjonglering med intrikate balkanske rytmer kunne utvide irenes 6/8 jig til odde taktarter som 11/8, slik det kan f.eks høres i danse-suksessen Riverdance.

Sammen med Dònald Lunney og Annbjørg Lien var vi i studio høsten 2009 og la siste hånd på Andys nye album; Abocurragh. Avslutningsporet Oslo forteller humoristisk om vårt vennskap og samvær. Annbjørg la til en nydelig Mazurka til dette sporet.

Andy har hentet musikken fra min versjon av folkevisa Å kjøre vatten og kjøre ved der jeg stemmer gitaren i DADGAD.
På dette opptaket, som er gjort i Kongshavn Studios, Kristiandsand S spiller jeg på en Strand Guitars OM i mahogny.

My good friend with his Irish bouzouki, Andy Irvine!
Google: Andy Irvine Lillebjorn Nilsen
Andy Irvine i iTunes

Words by Andy Irvine ©
Norwegian folk tune ( -Å kjøre vatten og kjøre ved- )

I drove to Oslo on a winter's day
The snow was falling from the grey sky
I got lost and could not find my way
I pulled into a handy lay-by
Then taking out my brand new mobile phone
I telephoned my old friend Lillebjørn
I'll tell you what
We drank a lot
Until it came my time to leave-o

We had a party at Lillebjørn's
The Akvavit was to my liking
Smoked meat and cracker bread
They said it came down from the vikings
And Steinar played Hardanger fiddle tunes
And Øystein played and sang and very soon
I was in good cheer
And I greatly fear
When my turn came I was not able

When I awoke next afternoon
My head was pounding, senses reeling
I got up and staggered round the room
What were those creatures on the ceiling?
And when I had my trousers half way on
A dreadful thought came in my head-o
Hang on a jiff
I can't remember if
I'm getting up or going to bed-o

In the Dubliner we played a gig
Though we were all a bit hungover
A man got up and tried to dance a jig
It looked more like a Bossa Nova
I had some beers and began to flirt
And very soon I was on blond alert
You're to late you know
Thirty years or so
She laughed and went home to her mammy

Down in the kitchen, we were feeling fine
Spirits high and oh so cheery
The entertainment was provided by
Lillebjørn's young daughter Siri
At drawing pictures she is very smart
She drew some clouds and said they're angel farts
We were impressed
By her inventiveness
It was a masterpiece quite clearly

I drove through Sweden in a snowstorm
What were those angels getting up to?
From Gothenburg to Fredrikshavn,
I stood on deck and had a nice view
I drove through Denmark into Germany
And went to see my old friend Gabi
Then the long road
O heavy load
Until I came to Dublin city

So Lillebjørn we'll meet again
We'll have some beers and the some more-o
We'll play Vinterbror, we'll play the Dream
And we'll play Jenta From Chicago
And if I go there on a winter trip
I'll make quite sure I get my heater fixed
I'll bring winter tyres
And a snowplough
And double glazing for my windows

Andy Irvine: vocal & mandola
Annbjørg Lien: hardanger fiddles
Lillebjørn Nilsen: guitar

Her et live-opptak av Andy Irvine solo:


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Ny CD Abocurragh»

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