Something about the ukulele

I have strummed the ukulele most of my adult life. I have cherished The Beatles repertoire and gone trough George Formby’s great songs. And the ukulele still tickles me. My vintage C.F. Martin tenor ukulele now is brought to new life with Italian Aquila strings! (And a great repair job by Strand Guitars, Norway)

But why is it? I know our great mate George Harrison, his God bless his name, felt the same. And even the late Cheltenham’s Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones loved the instrument. Maybe it is the close circuit to our brain? It’s simplicity? It’s lack of bass strings?

I love the ukulele!

Lillebjørns ukulele
Strand Guitars på Jørpeland fikser Lillebjørns ukulele – Foto: Tor Inge Jøssang